Short Description
Short Description In St. Anastasia in Makri the inscription records "the year 1833", i.e. the church in its present form is already 175 years old. The church seems to have been built on the ruins of an earlier Christian church, as evidenced by the inscription which also records the year 1100. It is also clear from several marble fragments, plates, capitals, which are exposed outdoors in a fenced area on the south side of the building, an ancient Greek temple must have existed there formerly.
The church of St. Anastasia is not large. It is a rectangular 30 x 25 meters long, three-aisled basilica with a lovely wooden iconostasis with icons of great value. Most of the icons of the temple, mostly the small ones, were transferred to the Ecclesiastical Museum of Alexandroupolis.
Next to St. Anastasia, in the northern part, there are the foundations and part of the wall of beautiful hewn stones of another church, of St. Dimitrios, who later served as a mosque and then maybe collapsed by earthquakes.
Today the Church of St. Anastasia is the Parish Church of Makri. In the Temple pieces of the relics of the Five neo-martyrs ex Samothrace, martyred at Makri, and one of the hooks, where they were hung, are kept.