Title Touring, Drama
Writer Lampakis G.
Date of record -
Bibliography information Bulletin of the Christian Archaeological Society 5 (1905)
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Title Post-byzantine Churches in the Prefecture of Drama
Writer Savvopoulou-Katsiki, X.
Date of record 01-01-1996
Bibliography information History and Culture, Proceedigns of Scientific Meeting, Drama, November 24th-25th 1989, Drama
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Title Humble beauty, Special details from the painting of the churches in the area of Drama.
Writer Parharidou, M.
Lange, J.
Date of record 01-01-1999
Bibliography information Drama
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Title Church of the Presentation of Virgin Mary (Cathedral)
Writer Tsigaras G.
Date of record 04-12-2006
Bibliography information Guide for the Prefecture of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace
Notesμητρόπολη δράμα