Short Description
Short Description The monastery of St. Demetrius in Panorama is located just outside the village Panorama. Apart from the temple, none of the buildings of the monastery has survived intact today. It is a domed single-room church of monastery type, as seen in architectural examples mainly on Mount Athos and in other small monuments of the 16th-19th century in the Balkans. The exterior of the church is completely unadorned. The church has a tall dome with a cylindrical drum, which the lateral walls bear, without any other support. The interior is fully painted, while the icons of the iconostasis and Episcopal throne still survive. The mural paintings and icons are works from the late 18th-19th century and some Slavophone workshop. It is noteworthy that until 1950 there was a monk in the monastery, while the inscriptions on the murals were erased in modern times, as they written in the Bulgarian language.