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Holy Monastery for the Dormition of Virgin Mary in Makri

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Record ID CRID:10
Type of record Group of monuments
Date of record 03-11-2012
Registrar Natasa Michailidou
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Main Monument Table
Monument type Immovable Monument
Monument Code MONAST0002
Monument Name Holy Monastery for the Dormition of Virgin Mary in Makri
Related Institution Holy Diocese of Alexandroupolis, Traianopolis and Samothrace
Location Name Makri in Evros
Date of construction
1978 AD
Short Description It is located in the seaside area of Makri. It was founded by the Metropolitan Anthimos Roussas in 1978. It was staffed in 1983 and currently has fifty nuns with Abbess the nun Macrina Sidira. Spiritual father of the Brotherhood is the Archimandrite father Polycarpos Matzaroglou.
The convent is walled and surrounded by olive trees cultivated by the nuns. Four chapels – of St. Haralambos, St. Vasilios, Saints Constantine and Helena Saint Euphemia - delimit the area of the monastery and two others - St. Anthimus and San Andreas - are integrated in it. In the Monastery the traditional activities operated are the Byzantine iconography, the art of mosaic, the holy tailoring, ecclesiastical embroidery, construction of incense and small items and candle making. The monastery is connected with monasteries of other orthodox countries, like Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Syria, Lebanon and hosts nuns from these countries who want to learn the Greek language, Byzantine music and Orthodox monk activities .
The many holy relics hoarded, of Hierarchs, Saints, Martyrs, are a major boon to the Monastic Brotherhood and pilgrims.
The annual festival takes place on August 23rd, during the feast of the Assumption of Holy Mary.