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Nativity of St. John the Baptist church in Melnik

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  • Code
    Code CHURCH0042

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  • Name
    Monument Name Nativity of St. John the Baptist church in Melnik
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  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Nevrokop

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    Location Name Melnik
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  • Short Description
    Short Description It is placed in the north-eastern part of the town onto the right bank of the Melnishka River. Among the locals it is also famous with the name of “St. Yanie”. At present it serves as a cemetery temple.
    The church was built at the end of the 18th or at the beginning of 19th century. Structurally the building is a three-nave basilica, with a narthex from south and an awning from the west that were both added later. The masonry is out of stones.
    The church has three entrances – one in the south and two in the west. The main entrance on the west is meant for men and the other one for women. The latter is placed north of the main entrance, on the level of the balcony. A stone stairway leads up to it. In front of its door there is a landing of wooden balustrades and a narthex; above it there is a church bell cast in 1893 that is also embellished with religious figures.
    There is a naos and an altar, divided by the iconostasis. In the western part of the naos there are two balconies, which are really rare site to see. The lower one (the bigger) is meant for women, and the upper one (the smaller) – for maidens. In order to reach the designated areas, they used the second (the high) western door that leads directly down to the lower balcony.

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