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Holy Monastery of Ikosifoinissa

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  • Code
    Code MONAST0001
    Other Codes
    Source / Origin

  • Name
    Monument Name Holy Monastery of Ikosifoinissa
    Source / Origin

  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Drama

  • Group

  • Origin / Location
    Location Name Paggaeo mountain
    Address -
    Prefecture Serres prefecture
    Country Greece
    Coordinates Χ1 -
    Coordinates Χ2 -
    Coordinates Y1 -
    Coordinates Y2 -
    Coordinates Z1 -
    Coordinates Z2 -
    Meausurement Method -
    Measurement Accuracy -
    Geodetic Coordinate System -
    Notes -
    Map location

  • Short Description
    Short Description The history of the monastery is lost in the mists of time. Old traditions say that the bishop of Philippi Sozon established a church and monastic settlement at Vigla, 50 meters east of Ikosifinissa where today there are ruins of massive walls and tower.
    When the first Founder of the monastery arrived here, that is Saint Germain, everything was abandoned. Led by St. Mary's command, with the help of an angel, he came from the Holy Land where he was a monk in Saint John the Baptist’s Monastery. The saint commanded the monastery with wisdom and prudence and died in peace after he appointed Neophytos as his successor.

  • Measurements
    Type of Measurement Length
    Part/ Phenomenon measured length of the katholikon
    Coordinates of part measured
    Measurement Value 22,30
    Measurement Unit Meter
    Measurement Instrument Ruler
    Date of Measurement
    1998 AD
    Responsible for Measurement -
    Notes -

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