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Bema doors

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  • Code
    Code WOODCUT0001
    Other Codes E1
    Source / Origin Parharidou, M. (2008) "Documentation and Study of the exhibited objects in the Ecclesiastical Museum of Drama", volume A1, Kavala, p.13

  • Name
    Monument Name Bema doors
    Source / Origin

  • Institution
    Related Institution Holy Diocese of Drama

  • Group

  • Origin / Location
    Location Name Drama
    Address -
    Prefecture Drama prefecture
    Country Greece
    Notes -
    Map location

  • Short Description
    Short Description Bema doors where woodcut and painting are combined. The main theme regards the evangelists Marcus, Matthew, John and Lucas.

  • Measurements
    Type of Measurement Height
    Part/ Phenomenon measured Bema doors
    Measurement Value 1,11 and 1,10
    Measurement Unit Meter
    Measurement Instrument Tape measure
    Date of Measurement
    Responsible for Measurement -
    Notes The measurements regard both panels of the bema doors

  • Exhibition information
    Exhibition information 1st floor of the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Diocese of Drama

  • Inscription / Mark
    Inscription type Accompanying
    Place Over the four evangelists

    Language Greek
    Alphabet Greek
    Transcription of inscription -
    Translation of inscription
    Technique Writing (processes)
    Dimensions -
    Inscription date
    Description of inscription -
    Condition Good
    Digital representation
    Notes The accompanying inscriptions of the evangelists' names are in lowercase and with black colour

  • Condition State
    Characterization of condition Good
    Date of condition recording
    2007 AD
    Responsible of condition recording -
    Related Institution/ Workshop -
    Description of condition -
    Digital representation CRDGID:2 - Drama, Bema doors E1

    CRDGID:3 - Drama, Bema doors E2

    Notes Exfoliation of the painted surface, woodworm