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The Dormition of Virgin Mary Church in Ilinden

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    Decoration Phase Primary decoration
    Decoration Type Painting
    Decoration theme Dormition of Virgin Mary, the Six Days of the Creation, Saints, Great Feasts, Deesis, Christ the Great Arch-Hierarch.

    Location of decoration
    Description of decoration There are no frescoes, excluding the patronal south niche where the Dormition scene is depicted and the west façade with the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus Christ.
    The sub-icon panels are desplaying scenes from the Six Days and the Old Testament. 10 icons stand on the sovereign tier. Three of them (the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus, Saint Nicolas and Lord Jesus Christ Omnipotent) were painted by an unknown painter in 1824. The rest of the icons were painted by Dimitar Molerov in 1833 – 1835 and they are as follows: Saint George on Horseback, Saint Demetrius, Archangel Michael, Saint John the Forerunner, Saint Teodor and the Ascension of Lord Jesus Christ. The only dated and signed icons are those of the Holy Archangel Michael (1833) and the Ascension of Jesus (1835) – among the earliest known works of the Bansko painter. He painted also the icons on the festive tier (13 icons) and the Deesis, as well as Christ the Great Arch-Hierarch.
    The refined carving on the royal doors and the space above, as well as the canvases with the Annunciation and the Icon of the Savior „Image Not-Made-By-Hands“, are the works of masters from Samokov Iconographic School. They have also painted six other icons in „The Three Saints“ chapel: Mother of God the Merciful, Jesus Christ Omnipotent, Saint John the Baptist, The Three Saints, Saint John of Rila and a Shroud of the Mother of God. The name of the donor was written on four of them – monk Ephraim. Most likely, the icons were ordered and delivered by the Rila Monastery in 1837 – 1838, at that time the central church of the monastery was also painted. The same donor employed Ivan the Icon Painter from Samokov, who was a student of Hristo Dimitrov - the founder of the Iconographic School. The carving undoubtedly belongs to Atanas Teladur, the one who made the monumental wood-carved iconostasis in the main church of the Rila monastery. Other icons (1890) were painted by Dimitar Nedelchev from the village of Kara Kioi – Nevrokop region.
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