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  1. Basic Information
  2. Classification
  3. Identification
  4. Documentation
  5. Correlations
  6. Rights
  7. Resources

Church of St. Anastasia in Makri

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  • Construction
    Construction Phase Construction
    Description of construction
    Related Person -
    Related Institution / Workshop -
    Date of construction
    1833 AD
    Historical period Post Byzantine
    Surrounding built environment
    Construction technique
    Architectural type Three-aisled basilica
    Construction materials
    State of completion
    Digital representation

  • Use

  • Decoration

  • Intervention

  • Conservation

  • State of protection
    Related Institution Ministry of Culture
    Declaration date
    17-5-1976 AD
    Declaration type Ancient monument
    Digital representation
    Notes Ministry Decree YPPE/A/F31/23489/2554/7-5-1976, FEK 661/Β/17-5-1976