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St. Trinity Church of Bansko

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  • Construction
    Construction Phase Construction
    Description of construction -
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    Date of construction
    From 1833 AD
    To 1835 AD
    Historical period Post Byzantine
    Surrounding built environment -
    Construction technique
    Architectural type
    Construction materials
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  • Use

  • Decoration
    Decoration Phase Primary decoration
    Decoration Type Painting
    Decoration theme
    Location of decoration
    Description of decoration The church has no mural paintings and is simply decorated around the windows with decorative floral ornaments most likely by the painter Velyan Ognev appointed to create the woodcarvings and the church’s pictorial decorations. Presumably, Velyan Ognev and his apprentices from Bansko designed the iconostasis and the pulpit.
    The icons together with a few mural designs were painted by the three generations of icon painters in Bansko – Molerov family.
    Dimitar Molerov has started painting for the church since its construction and in the next years he had expanded the church’s collection of icons over and over again. He painted murals too.
    In 1841 the son of Dimitar – Simeon Molerov painted the icons Saint John the Forerunner and Saint Dimitrius intended for the sovereign tier of the iconostasis. On the upper tier were depicted the Apostles Mathias, Philip, Judas, Simon, Thomas and Jacob as well as John, Mathias and Mark.
    There are also several smaller perfectly painted icons intended for veneration.
    Dimitar Sirleshtov also did paintings for the church. The contemporary mural decorations of the church date back to 1957.

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    Date of decoration
    From 1835 AD
    To 1957 AD
    Decoration style
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    Decoration materials
    Condition of Decoration
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