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Pew of Apostle Paul in Samothrace

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    Code MONUM0004
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    Monument Name Pew of Apostle Paul in Samothrace
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    Location Name Samothrace
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  • Short Description
    Short Description The border island of Samothrace was the first place in Greece and Europe visited by the Apostle Paul, where he spent the night starting his tour in Europe. The passage in the Acts of the Apostles is characteristic: “Starting from Troada we went to Samothrace and the next day to Neapolis” (Chapter 16, verses 9-12).
    In recent years there were many visitors from different countries, who following the footsteps of Apostle Paul began their march from Samothrace, but didn’t find there a reference point, except the ruins of an early Christian church in Paleopolis.
    On an initiative of the current Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis Anthimos, a memorial-pilgrimage was built and inaugurated in 2008, where allegedly Apostle Paul walked and spent the night; a tribute to the steps of Apostle Paul to the West, Europe, Greece; the pew of Apostle Paul.
    It is a simple architectural structure of wood and stone, built on a wooded site, with local characteristics and special mosaics depicting the path of the Apostle of the Nations.

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