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Nativity of St. John the Baptist church in Melnik

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  • Construction
    Construction Phase -
    Description of construction
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    Date of construction
    Period of Centurycentury BC/AD
    From end of 18century AD
    To start 19 AD
    Historical period -
    Surrounding built environment
    Construction technique
    Architectural type
    Construction materials
    State of completion
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  • Use

  • Decoration
    Decoration Phase Primary decoration
    Decoration Type Painting
    Decoration theme Animal and plant themes. Series of icons. Scene from a city.
    Location of decoration Iconostasis, bishop's throne, columns, south wall.
    Description of decoration Next to the southern entrance which shoulders the facade, the Bishop’s throne is placed – it is decorated with woodcarvings and pictures of pigeons and peacocks. In the eastern part of the naos there is a step leading to the altar.
    The iconostasis is very distinguished with a great artistic value. Its upper part slightly leans forward, there are three rows of icons on it. It is richly decorated with drawings and woodcarvings by the icon-painters Lazar Argirov and Yakov Nikolai.
    The columns of the temple are covered with plant elements. Scenes from the ancient city of Nineveh are depicted on the southern wall.

    Related Person Lazar Argirov
    Yakov Nikolai
    Related Institution -
    Date of decoration
    Decoration style
    Decoration technique
    Decoration materials
    Condition of Decoration
    Digital representation CRDGID:33 - Melnik, Nativity of St. John the Baptist church, iconostasis

    CRDGID:65 - Melnik, icon of Jesus Christ

    CRDGID:66 - Melnik, icon of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

    Notes -

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